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I’ve shared a few memories from my racing career on my desk. I've spent 25+ years working at the pinnacle of motorsports as one of the first women; to be a Promotions Director for a national racetrack, a Race Series Director (for Carroll Shelby), and as a Team Owner/Manager in IndyCar.

This means two things; One, I’ve been in front of thousands of people telling stories and conveying technical information in an authentic, compelling and often humorous fashion. And two, after talking over race engines, my voice has acquired an even richer and warmer tone.

I actually started my career as a copy writer, producer and voice talent of commercials in radio. I worked for several years voicing commercials, narration, tag lines, legals and was even the primary voice for several businesses.

Based in Atlanta, I have a professional booth and look forward to continuing to help clients weave their stories into the fabric of people’s lives. Afterall, nobody ever cheered for a pit wall sign…advertising, marketing, sponsorship - is always about people.

Again, thank you for your interest. I look forward to being of service to you.

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Lee Anne

Capturing my sound is a Neumann TLM103 powered by a Twin Apollo. Files can be sent via .WAV, MP3. We can connect in a variety of ways, including studio sessions.